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Revision Guides:


GCSE English Revision Booklet Foundation Resources

2011 Higher Paper Script Grand Canyon

2011 Higher Paper Mark Scheme Grand Canyon

GCSE English Foundation Paper June 2012



All about the C helpsheet

GCSE grade A prompt sheet

GCSE grade B prompt sheet

GCSE grade C prompt sheet

GCSE grade D prompt sheet

GCSE grade E prompt sheet

GCSE grade F prompt sheet

GCSE grade G prompt sheet

Edexcel Linear Paper Foundation Tier

Edexcel Linear Paper Higher Tier



Spanish GCSE Homework ‘Out and About’

Year 10 GCSE French homework booklet

Year 11 GCSE Spanish Revision Booklet

Year 11 GCSE French Revision Booklet


Religious Education  


Religion and Life 

Full Revision Guide- Religion and Life

Believing in God

Marriage and the Family Christianity

Community Cohesion

Matters of life and death


Religion and Society 

Crime and Punishment

Peace and Conflict

Environmental and Medical Issues

Rights and Responsibilities

Religion and Social Responsibility

RE Homework:

Year 10: Year 10 Autumn term 1 RE Homework

Year 11: Year 11 Autumn term 1 RE Homework

History and Geography 

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If there are any issues in accessing the materials, or logging onto Edmodo then please email your class teacher:

Mr. Leach: leach@stratford.newham.sch.uk

Ms. Goksungur: goksungur@stratford.newham.sch.uk

Ms. Speed: speed@stratford.newham.sch.uk


Product Design 

Product Design Revision Guide



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