Board of Governors

Governors will need to log in to see the pages in this area of the site. The Governors of Stratford School Academy come from a wide range of backgrounds. The Governors work collaboratively with the school, each bringing their own unique experiences to support the school and to ensure that the pupils are getting the best possible education. The members of the Governing Body work collectively to perform a strategic role and contribute to key elements such as:

  • Discussing and setting strategic direction and policies
  • Setting the vision, values and objectives for the school
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards it’s set aims and objectives.
  • To be a ‘critical friend’ offering challenge, support and guidance to the Head teacher.

We are fortunate to have an active Governing Body who take a strategic role in ensuring that the Academy provides the best possible learning provision for our pupils.


End of Term office Name Category Office Committees
24/11/2017 Mr John Swallow Governor appointed under Article 50 PWB, PSBP
14/06/2020 Mrs Mona Reynolds Governor appointed under Article 50 Hon Vice Chair
Chair of Admissions
Chairs, Admissions
09/11/2018 Ms Kate O’Connell Governor appointed under Article 50 PWB
09/11/2018 Mr Hamilton Pruim Governor appointed under Article 50 BG Vice Chair and Chair of Resources Chairs, Resources, PSBP, MAT
10/12/2018 Mrs Lori Cox Governor appointed under Article 50 BG Chair, Chair of MAT and Chair of PSBP Chairs, Admissions, PWB, PSBP, MAT
14/06/2020 Ms Wendy Stevenson Governor appointed under Article 50 Chair of PWB Chairs, Admissions, PWB, MAT
25/10/2017 Mr Idris Ibrahim Governor appointed under Article 50 Admissions, PWB
27/11/2017 Mr Jayadevan Pillai Governor appointed under Article 50 Resources, PSBP, MAT
28/11/2017 Mr Alex Shapland-Howes Governor appointed under Article 50 PWB, MAT
10/12/2018 Mrs Aisha Sheikh Parent Governor (Article 53-58) Resources
02/12/2018 Mr Kazi Ali Parent Governor (Article 53-58) Admissions, PWB
ex officio Mr Andrew Seager Headteacher All
01/07/2017 Ms Catherine Sawer Staff Governor (Article 50a) Admissions, PWB
Staff Governor (Article 50a)
07/10/2017 Mr Neil Jepson Co-Opted (Article 59) Resources, MAT
16/03/2017 Ms Kiranjot Grewal Co-opted (Article 59) Resources

PWB – Performance and Wellbeing
PSBP – Priority School Building Programme Subgroup
MAT – Multi Academy Trust Subgroup

For more information please refer to statutory accounts (annual report and financial statements).Click here for Signed accounts 2015