Open Evening 2015

Open Evening was held at Stratford School Academy on Tuesday 29th September 2015. The Open Evening is an opportunity for prospective students and their parents to look around Stratford School Academy and find out all of the information they need, before applying for their place at the Academy.

During the evening we ran regular student-led tours of the school, which enabled Year 6 students and parents to visit each department and their classrooms and get involved in the activities. In addition, the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and teachers were also available to meet and talk to parents.

Electrifying physics, biology and chemistry experiments demonstrating topics such as combustion and static electricity were held in the Science Department. Our Science teachers specialising in all three Sciences were also excited to discuss the opportunities made available to all students at our school, particularly the upcoming expansion of the school, where there will be a total of six brand new laboratories equalling to a total of twelve laboratories on both school sites.

The Food Technology Department opened its kitchen doors to visitors and chocolate chip cookies were served after being baked and prepared by students.

The Performing Arts Department hosted live performances of Shakespeare’s Hamlet performed by our Drama students. Our Art and Graphics Departments showcased student’s GCSE work and collections of lamp designs, woodwork artefacts, drawings and paintings.

The English, Maths, Humanities/RE/ ICT/SEN/Languages and Geography Departments hosted interactive activities for all visitors to join in on. Our PE Department hosted the ‘Year 6 Stratford School Academy Open Evening Skills Challenge’ and were assisted by the school’s Sport’s Leaders. Year 6 pupils were awarded with personalised certificates after completion of the sports challenges.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Year 11 Prefects, Student Guides and helpers for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the evening.

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