At the heart of our school is good teaching which provides pace and challenge and creates a culture where pupils can develop their understanding and approach their learning with confidence. The quality of our teaching is matched with excellent pastoral support,which together makes for a vibrant and high-achieving learning community.

This community is made up of 11 Departments, which work collaboratively to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, whilst excelling in their particular subject area.

Mr J Ahmed Computing Teacher
Ms N Ahmed Second in charge of Computing
Ms S Hussain Computing Teacher-Maternity Leave
Mr K Khan Computing Teacher
Mr E Rahman Head of Computing
Ms T Begum English Teacher
Ms K Christodoulidou English Teacher
Ms C Daly English Teacher
Ms S Kadir English Teacher
Ms M Khaliq English Teacher
Ms F Khanom Second in charge of English
Ms F Mcgill English Teacher
Ms N Murali Head of English
Ms Z Patel English Teacher
Ms Y Syeda English Teacher
Ms K Tennant-hayes English Teacher
Ms F Trewin Head of House (Euler) and English Teacher
Ms N Ahmed Maths Teacher
Mr T Ahmed Maths Teacher
Ms S Chehab Maths Teacher
Mr A Kibria Second in charge of Maths
Ms S Mahroof Head of Maths (Job share)
Dr F Malik Maths Teacher
Ms Z Nijabat Maths Teacher
Ms R Noor (begum) Maths Teacher
Ms M Patel Second in charge of Maths
Ms L Salmoun Head of Maths (Job share)
Mr A Seager Headteacher and Maths teacher
Ms M Uddin Maths Teacher
Ms J Akthar Chemistry Teacher
Ms A Bhunjun Head of Chemistry
Ms C Goddard Head of Physics
Ms L Good Assistant Headteacher and Physics Teacher
Mr A Hussain Biology Teacher
Ms R Khan Biology Teacher
Ms A Ladak Biology Teacher
Mr W Mebrouk Physics Teacher
Ms D Mehta Chemistry Teacher
Ms F Mehta(osman) Chemistry Teacher
Mr A Mirza Physics Teacher
Ms S Pervez Biology Teacher
Ms R Seager Physics Teacher
Ms M Sultana Head of Biology
Ms L Willets-White Physics Teacher
History and Geography
Mr E Bland History Teacher
Ms C Danks Assistant Headteacher and Geography Teacher
Mr A Dixon Deputy Headteacher and History & Geography Teacher
Mr M Leach Head of History & Geography
Mr M Pratt Deputy Headteacher and Geography Teacher
Ms H Rogers Geography Teacher
Ms R Sharma Second in charge of History
Ms H Speed Head of House (Euler) and Geography Teacher
Mr M Walkinshaw Assistant Headteacher and History Teacher
Humanities & Religious Education
Ms S Grant Second in charge of Humanities/Religious Education/Citizenship Lead
Ms A Ikar Humanities Teacher
Mr B Javid Head of House (Noether) and Religious Education Teacher
Ms N Khan Head of House (Curie) and Religious Education, Citizenship & Geography Teacher
Ms E Link Head of House (Crick) and Religious Education Teacher
Mr S Madigan Head of Humanities
Ms N Salim Assistant Headteacher and Religious Education Teacher
Mr S Smith Head of House (Berners-Lee) and Religious Education, Citizenship & Geography Teacher
Modern Foreign Languages
Ms R Aouchiche Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Ms L Essien Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Ms L Montero pesoa Second in charge of Modern Foreign languages
Ms G Moumen Modern Foreign languages Teacher
Ms S Ryan Modern Foreign languages Teacher
Ms E Saidou Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr E Stratton Modern Foreign languages  Teacher
Performing Arts
Mr O Bailey-green Music Teacher
Ms E Dargyte Drama Teacher
Mr J Jarvis Head of Performing Arts
Mr P Kean Assistant Headteacher and Drama and English Teacher
Mr D O mathuna Drama Teacher
Mr S Pitigala Music Teacher
Art and Technology
Mr M Cudjoe Head of Technology
Ms A Donohoe Art Teacher
Ms L Earle Design and Technology Teacher
Mr J Hillgren Head of Cooking
Ms J Jafar Technology Teacher
Ms T Khan Design and Technology Teacher
Ms B Knight Food Teacher
Ms H Mcintyre Art Teacher
Ms N Mckenna Second in charge of Art
Mr M Rogers Deputy Headteacher and Design and Technology Teacher
Physical Education
Ms R Batchelor Physical Education Teacher
Mr D Bracken Head of Physical Education
Ms N Farrington-clarke Physical Education Teacher
Mr D Lowe Second in charge of Physical Education
Ms G Molero Physical Education and Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Ms A Kostadinova Learning Support Teacher & Humanities Teacher
Ms U Mandzyn Learning Support Teacher & Humanities Teacher
Ms M Pluta Lead Teacher for children with Autism
Ms C Sawer Assistant Headteacher and Head of Learning Support & SENCO
Mr R Corlett Head of EAL and Literacy Teacher