Senior Leadership Team

Mr Seager


Mr Seager has been Headteacher at Stratford School Academy since September 2004.
The school was rated GOOD by OFSTED in May 2017, the inspection report referred to the ‘Headteacher’s strong, clear vision for the school’ and ‘strong sense of moral purpose.’
Mr Seager has a MA in Curriculum Studies and a particular interest in Mathematics Education. He represented the SSAT on the Mathematics National Curriculum Review Expert Panel and was a member of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics Headteacher Steering group. His school is the lead secondary school in the N.E. London Mathematics Education Strategic Hub. He has also sat on Newham’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board Executive.
Mr Seager is married with three children, two with a Maths degree and one studying Physics. He and his wife enjoy cycling on their tandem.
Mr Rogers
Deputy Headteacher


Mr Roger’s main responsibilities are to:

Ensure that the school meets its academic targets.
Deputise for the Headteacher in his absence.

Mr Rogers has been the Deputy Headteacher at Stratford School Academy since 2010 and a teacher in north and east London for the past 14 years. Before a career in teaching he worked in project management. He is particularly adept at designing and implementing teaching strategies that have the biggest impact on the progress pupils make in school.
Mr Rogers has a degree in Product Design and the National Professional Qualification for Headship. He is a member of the Design & Technology Association and the National Science Learning hub and has a deep interest in contemporary Art and Design.
Mr Rogers is married with 2 children and 1 grandchild, he enjoys travel and is a keen gardener, his secret passion is growing chillies.

Mr Dixon
Deputy Headteacher


Mr Dixon’s main responsibilities are to:

Ensure that the school’s behaviour and pastoral systems are highly effective.
To manage the day to day operation of the Grosvenor Road site.

Mr Dixon joined Stratford School Academy in May 2017. He has been a teacher in London for the last fifteen years. Before teaching Mr Dixon worked in the City of London. Mr Dixon has a degree in Social Science and he is graduate of the Future Leaders Programme.
Mr Dixon is married with 2 children, he enjoys playing tennis and he is a long suffering supporter of Middlesbrough Football Club.

Ms Salim
Assistant Headteacher

Naila Salim

Ms Salim’s main responsibilities:

Safeguarding and Special Educational Needs.
Pupil voice.

Ms Salim gained a BA in Religion and Philosophy at Brunel University and after several years in the private sector she trained to be a teacher of RE at the Institute of Education. Ms Salim started as a Newly Qualified Teacher at Stratford School Academy in 2003. In 2008 she became a pastoral leader and since 2011 has been an Assistant Headteacher.
Ms Salim has played a key role in establishing the pupil voice at Stratford School Academy, her passion for working with young people and helping them develop into responsible individuals is reflected in the resilient pupil leaders across the school.
Ms Salim welcomes the challenge of balancing her school and family life. Having lived in Norway for a while she can confidently say she is still an absolute neophyte at winter sports.
‘Ha en god dag!’

Mr Moore
Assistant Headteacher

Mr Moore’s main responsibilities are to:

Design and create timetables and staff rotas.
Implement induction programmes for new and trainee teachers.

After completing his teacher training at Loughborough University in 2002, Mr Moore began his career in West London. After a short period of teaching in Austrailia he returned to England in 2007 before moving across to London to join Stratford School Academy teaching staff in 2008 as Head of Physical Education.
In 2012 he became an Assistant Headteacher. During the last 3 years he has fulfilled various roles such as mentoring new teachers, running ‘Education beyond the school day’ and organising timetable suspensions and is now responsible for writing the timetable for our two schools.
Mr Moore’s favourite aspect of his role is, and always will be, the interaction with pupils. He takes great pride in seeing pupils he teaches enjoy school and make progress.
Steve has 4 children between the ages of 3 and 9 so he’s busy in and out of school. However he still finds time to coach a football team. His favourite place in the world (except for North East London) is Fiji.

Mr Walkinshaw
Assistant Headteacher

Matthew Craig WALKINSHAW

Mr Walkinshaw’s main responsibilities are:

Academic interventions.
The co-ordination and oversight of literacy and reading.

Mr Walkinshaw completed a BA Hons degree in History at the University of Sheffield in 1989 before training to be a teacher. In a career spanning 24 years he has taught in a variety of schools across London and has been a Head of History, Head of Humanities as well as a Senior Teacher.
Mr Walkinshaw joined Stratford School Academy in 2014 and has shown a passion for teaching and ensures that students have the necessary skills and confidence to gain the best possible qualification.
Matthew lives in East London with his wife and two children who have now both flown the nest to study Chemistry at University despite their dad’s love of all things historical. His favourite holiday destination is the Caribbean.

Mr Pratt
Assistant Headteacher


Mr Pratt’s main responsibilities are to:

Organise internal assessments and external exams.
Plan the school’s Professional Development Programme.

Mr Pratt has taught at Stratford School Academy for 15 years, starting out as a Newly Qualified Teacher in PE, then moving into the role of Head of PE and has now been working as an Assistant Headteacher for 8 years. During this time Mr Pratt has developed an expertise in pupil assessment and tracking systems.
Mark has travelled round the world from Peru to New Zealand. His most memorable moment was night diving with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef and forgetting to put his breathing apparatus in. This story never fails to entertain his Geography classes.
One of his proudest moments as a teacher was when a pupil he taught for nearly 5 years went on to become a PE teacher.