Advice for the school holidays

Now that the school holidays are upon us and the weather is better many of you will be out
and about. If you are, you need to be sensible and keep yourself out of harm. Here are
some tips we have put together from various police authority websites:

 Stay alert and always make sure you can see and hear what is going on around you.
If you’re out listening to music using headphones, make sure you are able to still
hear traffic noise in the background and be extra cautious when crossing roads.

 If you’re going out, always tell a family member where you’re going and what time
you expect to be home.

 Don’t trespass on private property and always keep aware of your surroundings.

 Stay with your friends and stay in areas where you can all be seen and if possible
walk with a friend or group of friends.

 Stay alert – keep an eye on everything that is happening around you and void
wearing earphones or chatting on your mobile phone, as this will distract you from
your surroundings and you may not see or hear trouble approaching.

 Trust your instincts – if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t ignore it,
act upon it.

 Take the route you know best and stick to busy, well-lit streets.

 If you feel under any kind of threat remove yourself from the situation as soon as