Curriculum Drop Down Day

Curriculum drop down day was held on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

All pupils at Stratford School Academy were involved in a variety of exciting learning activities throughout the school day.

Year 7 pupils were involved in Geography, Computing and Technology sessions.

The Technology Robotic Systems workshop was planned for students in order to enhance and build on their Computing knowledge. Students participated in exciting and challenging tasks involving writing code, enhancing their knowledge on computational thinking.

All Year 8 pupils participated in the ‘Maths in Action’ project. Pupils participated in a variety of practical activities allowing them the opportunity to explore and understand how mathematical skills are used in real life contexts outside of the classroom. The day was split into three sessions including an orienteering session that took place at West Ham Park, a session dedicated to geometry where pupils built a giant tetrahedron structure using only Bamboo sticks and rubber bands and an origami workshop.

‘Maths in Action was enjoyable because we were able to learn outside of the classroom.’ Navraj 

‘Maths in Action allowed us to see a different side to maths learning and apply our skills in real life.’ Ashley

‘I think drop down day was really fun and enjoyable. It was nice to work with our class as a team.’  Afifa Khanom

‘Maths in Action is exactly what the name says – we were able to study vertices while building Tetrahedrons ourselves.’  Sanchi

Year 9 pupils enjoyed sessions dedicated to Science Solutions for the Planet, Year 10 pupils were involved in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, the day involved pupils working in their house groups on public speaking skills; including confidence, delivery, pace, pitch and projection. In the final session, every pupil delivered a short speech to their group from which twelve in-school finalists were picked. Pupils will present in assemblies before the end of term and then two pupils will go on to the regional finals.

‘Today was absolutely amazing, speaking out to the whole class. This is the biggest crowd I have spoken to and it went well. I spoke confidently and didn’t fear a thing.’ Abdullah Noor

‘A great and enjoyable experience to be able to develop skills for later life.’ Abdullah Amla

‘I think that today’s training was really great, because it encourages young people to be more confident and comfortable speaking out.’ Sultana Shorab

‘It encouraged me to be more confident and talk about topics that I wouldn’t normally talk about.’ Naafi Malik

‘For most students this was a wholly positive experience. Many flashes of brilliance across the speeches delivered and some good progress made by students.’ Jack Petchey trainer feedback.

All year 11 pupils took part in active revision sessions.