Curriculum Drop Down Day

Friday 13th January 2017 

Pupils were involved in a variety of exciting activities including educational visits and workshops.

The theme of the day for Year 7 pupils was, ‘Every Pupil a Theatre Goer.‘ This activity was planned to allow every pupil in Year 7 the chance to experience a live theatre performance. Pupils watched the entertaining production of Sinbad the Sailor at Theatre Royal, Stratford East.

Year 8 pupils took part in the ‘Docklands Regeneration Project (History & Geography).’  The purpose of the day was for pupils to visit the Docklands and to understand the history and geography of the Docklands area of London.

Year 9 pupils were preparing for GCSE RE. Year 10 pupils were studying English Language Victorian Literature. The activity allowed pupils to gain a greater understanding of the Victorian texts they are studying for their GCSE English Literature exam.

Year 11 pupils were preparing for their Science Controlled Assessment and Science GCSE Exam.