Daily Reflection

Our Daily Reflection helps us to meet our legal duty to promote British values and to develop pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Our daily reflections follow a simple pattern:

  • They start with a ‘Hook’, this could be a quote, a poem, a headline or a video clip
  • Students then reflect silently on what has been presented to them
  • There is then a group discussion on the topic and a range of views are considered
  • Furthermore, students will complete literacy focused Daily reflections. This will include opportunities for students to build their literacy skills whilst supporting their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

click on the links below to see some of our Daily Reflections

Daily Reflection 1  -Disability Awareness
Daily Reflection 2 – World Book Day
Daily Reflection 3 – Poverty in the UK
Daily Reflection 4 – Earth Hour 2019
Daily Reflection 5 – Tolerance
Daily Reflection 6 – Self Awareness
Daily Reflection 7 – Freedom of Faiths
Daily Reflection 8 – Rule of Law
Daily Reflection 9 – Liberty and Respect
Daily Reflection 10 – Democracy and the Rule of Law