Easter Intervention Schedule 2019

Year 11 Easter Revision guidance 2019


Barnaby Lenon, a former Headteacher of Harrow, the prestigious independent boarding school that educated the likes of Winston Churchill, the actor Benedict Cumberbatch and the rugby player Billy Vunipola, suggests that GCSE pupils should be working hard over the fortnight long holiday.

“Good exam results are made in the Easter holidays,” he writes and states, “Public exam results are important. They can determine the course of your life. Other students will be working hard. So it is worthwhile sacrificing your holidays.” Lenon continues: “The best GCSE results don’t go to the cleverest students – they go to those who revised in the Easter holidays.”

Here at Stratford School we agree that the hardest working pupils get the best results. Over the Easter break pupils should be treating the two week break from school as an opportunity to really get to grips with some revision. We have given some guidance on what pupils should be doing over the Easter holiday.

Remember to be actively revising as you have been taught. Make revision notes and memorise the facts and skills you need.

Year 11, Good luck with your revision year and remember, if you work hard success is inevitable and you will become the authors of your own life story.

Year 11 Easter Revision Guidance 2019

Easter Revision Intervention Schedule 2019