Enterprise Day 2015

On Wednesday 1st July 2015 Stratford School Academy hosted Enterprise Day, all pupils were involved in a variety of interactive learning sessions throughout the day.

Year 7 were involved in STEM based practical activities creating opportunities to inspire pupils in subject areas such as Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Forensics and Science.

Year 8 pupils took part in the ‘Big Bang‘ event.

Year 9 pupils took part in the Charity and Enterprise sessions and had the opportunity to meet with local charities and entrepreneurs.

Year 10 pupils also took part in Enterprise and Business sessions  and were able to work with volunteers from Young Enterprise, Lloyds Banking Group and Accenture.

Year 7 pupils took part in a series of STEM related activities enabling them to learn about the kinds of careers associated with STEM and what they involve. The Science department led exciting activities based around Forensic Science. Lessons focused on the origins of forensic science dating back to the 16th century. Pupils took on the role of crime scene investigators and forensic scientists. Techniques such as fingerprinting, chromatography, fibre analysis and flame tests were used during the investigation and the experiments.

The Technology department hosted sessions based around structural engineering, pupils developed an understanding of the kinds of careers that engineers would be involved in. Pupils were given a challenge to build the tallest free standing structure using only paper straws, this challenged them to think creatively, work collaboratively in their groups and to communicate their ideas effectively.

Activities based around Sport Science enabled pupils to identify and gain an understanding of the major food groups and their role in an athlete’s diet. Pupils took on the role of a Sports Nutritionist expert working for four well known athletes including Usain Bolt.

The Maths department took the Year 8 cohort to the Big Bang Fair (UK’s Young Scientist and Engineers Fair). The fair is an award winning combination of exciting theatre shows, interactive workshops and exhibits along with careers information provided by a wide range of professionals who are working in Science/ Technology and Engineering fields. The Fair takes place every year in various locations across London and this is the 4th year that the Maths department at Stratford School Academy has organised the stimulating outing. This year the Fair took place in Westminister Kingsway College in Central London.  ‘The aim of taking pupils to the fair is to enrich their experience and improve their understanding of Mathematics as well as gaining inspiration in relation to the Science, Technology and Engineering fields, which aids in bringing these everyday school subjects to life for our students.Mr Kibria, Maths Teacher at Stratford School Academy

Year 9 students had the opportunity to listen to entrepreneur, Sophie, who runs successful Pitta Chip company called ‘Soffles.’ She gave the students a first hand account of how she brainstormed the idea for her brand and started her own business.

Students were fascinated to learn that Sophie had set up this company by herself, and asked questions to gain an understanding of the fundamental elements of running a business.

Year 10 students spent the day working on activities delivered by Young Enterprise (UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity) along with volunteers from Lloyd’s Banking Group and Accenture. Activities included sessions such as ‘The Small Business Challenge’ and focused on helping students to think about employability skills for the world of work, they were asked to work in teams and provide examples of when they had demonstrated using problem solving skills, teamwork, financial literacy skills and communication skills. They were encouraged to consider experiences from their school life, home, volunteering or work experience.

The Small Business Challenge merged in well with the GCSE Business Studies curriculum that pupils have followed in Year 10 at Stratford School Academy. GCSE pupils have been learning how to identify business opportunities, how to prepare, plan and put a business idea into practice, the economic context of businesses and developing enterprise skills. Pupils worked in teams to carefully select a business type to represent from a range of categories including a Pet Shop, IT Training Company, Mobile Phone Business, Traditional Coastal Restaurants, a modern well equipped Gym and many more. They then focused on branding their business, making key decisions on creating and defining the name of the business, the logo design, the slogan, the product development process and lastly, planning the marketing and finance annual budgets.

The teams also created a staff uniform in the form of a shirt. They then represented their ideas in front of a panel, staff and students during a 60 second elevator pitch. Pupils were completely engaged with this programme and enjoyed the activities, all pupils walked away with knowledge about the world of work and the challenges businesses may face.

‘The programme was a fun and interesting way of applying many of the ideas and theories pupils have been studying during the year, they also benefited from having advice, guidance and feedback with professionals from the world of business.’  ICT Department, Stratford School Academy.

‘I felt the day was a great way for the students to start thinking about the type of skills they need to be successful in the workplace. It really encouraged them to think as entrepreneurs and begin to identify the type of role they might be interested in taking up in future. We helped the students shape a pitch on their chosen business, where they explained their business idea and showcased their proposed marketing campaign, business products and justification for receiving the required financial support. It was great to see the students really engage with the activities designed to help them determine their business direction and enabled many to show real creative talent. Students were also assigned at random to groups at the start of the day and by the time they delivered their pitch it was clear they were a team.’

Ruth Starkey

Manager, Customer Analytics & Decisions, Lloyds Banking Group

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