GCSE Results 2017

New GCSE’s: Guide to 2017 Results

Students taking GCSEs in England this summer will receive a mixture of number and letter grades. English language, English literature and maths are the first subjects to use the new system, with most other subjects adopting numbers by 2019. Eventually all GCSEs taken in England will receive numerical grades.

Exam Results 2017

At this stage it looks to us as if our pupils have done very well again this year.

We are proud of the fact that in Mathematics, English and Science one in five of our pupils achieved a top grade – that’s a grade A* or A in the old grading system or a grade 7, 8 or 9 in the new grading system.

It has been a tough year with both pupils and teachers having a lot to cope with: in Maths and English the new GCSEs have been introduced. These are graded on a 9 (Top) to 1 (bottom) scale, have new style questions and everything is decided by exams in June of Year 1 – there are no controlled assessments and module tests.  And because these exams are new there were very few revision materials for pupils to use.

Here are the other numbers

  • Our Attainment 8 score is 4.5 (a solid C in the old grading system). Attainment 8 measures a pupil’s average grade across eight subjects that, if studied, mean that a pupil is following a broad, well-balanced curriculum. The subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Geography or History and a Language.

This is an important measure for us because it is studying and doing well in these ‘traditional’ subjects (even if they are ‘hard’ that pupils have the best chance of getting onto the best courses post 16 and into the best Universities after that – of going onto be the authors of their own life stories.

  • The percentages of pupils passing Mathematics and English are:
Grade 4 to 9 Grade 5 to 9
Percentage of pupils achieving grades in both Mathematics and English 61 43

Grade 4 (which is being called a standard pass) is the grade a pupil needs to achieve a Level 2 qualification. If a pupil has Level 2 qualifications in English and Mathematics they can progress to take Level 3 courses post-16 (for example A and AS levels and BTEC Nationals) and they do not have to resit these exams at 17.