Governors Open Day

Testing the School Report

The Governors of Stratford School Academy come from a wide range of backgrounds. The Governors work together bringing their own unique experience to support the school and to ensure that the pupils are getting the best possible education.

After starting the day meeting with the Head Teacher, Governors had the opportunity to observe the start of the school day; including visiting assembly and tutor time, visiting classrooms to view teaching and learning and also meeting with the Assistant Headteachers and Middle Leaders.

Governors also had the chance to interact with pupils during break and lunchtime, where they were able to observe this slot in the school day.

After lunchtime, Governors were invited to observe the reading programmes (EAL and Sound Training).

The pupils were meticulous in explaining every facet of school life to the Governors from how the two mini schools are now operating to the range of extra-curricular activities made available to all pupils,the way that the House system works and the positive go4schools points they receive in school for aspects such as homework and positive behaviour.

Pupils were given the opportunity to find out more about the Governing Body and asked questions such as, ‘what inspired you to become a school Governor?’

A special mention goes to our Pupil Leadership Team who were welcoming, accommodating and represented well,the voice of all pupils of SSA.