London NE Maths Hub Early Algebra Work Group, hosted at SSA

The initial meeting of the London NE Maths Hub Early Algebra Workgroup was held at Stratford School Academy on January 7th. Delegates attended from 1, 2 and 4 form entry primary schools.
The Hub is responding to a need in the local area as evidenced from recent primary mathematics network meetings and their evaluations. Subject leaders have requested training in algebra, with a focus on mastery teaching especially as it features more prominently in the new curriculum.
Participants are learning how to achieve mastery in primary mathematics built on a foundation of early algebra using Cuisenaire rods, Gattegno textbooks and conceptual mathematics notation.

The project has three elements:

Subject Knowledge: Early algebra curriculum unfolding (Gattegno, Common Sense of Learning Mathematics 1974; Goutard, Mathematics and Children; Benson, The Primary Mathematics: Lessons from the Gattegno School). (Algebra First notation) 2011.

Pedagogy: What we owe children: The subordination of teaching to learning, Caleb Gattegno, 1970; How we learn and how we should be taught: an introduction to the work of Caleb Gattegno, Young and Messum, 2011.

Co-operative Learning Environment: Benson, 2011 (op cit).

The work is facilitated by Sociality Mathematics CIC, a social enterprise founded in 2011 to support mathematics education in the Tizard community of schools.

Ian Benson, CEO (Acting) Sociality Mathematics CIC asset-locked to Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.