Daily Reflection

Because we are a non faith school which supports all faiths we have replaced our act of collective Christian worship with a Daily Reflection. Each week during form time and assemblies all pupils reflect on an inspirational quote or ‘thought of the day’ chosen by a member of staff or pupils.

Our Daily Reflections raise awareness of national/global events, current affairs and campaigns. They encourage pupils to think and debate, to question, to discuss themes and worldly affairs or quotes, helping literacy and reading skills as well as boosting their confidence.

The Daily Reflection acknowledges, explores and celebrates the diverse nature of the school as well as local, national and international communities.

Taking part in the Daily Reflection helps our pupils to develop their presentation and communication skills through considering themes focusing on British values and wider social, moral, spiritual and cultural ideas (SMSC).

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click on the links below to see some of our Daily Reflections

Daily Reflection 1 – Disability Awareness

Daily Reflection 2 – AIDS awareness – Tolerance

Daily Reflection 3 – MLK day – Liberty and Respect

Daily Reflection 4 – Anti-bullying