Phase Test Schedule 2019-2020

Phase Test Schedule 2019-2020

  • Your child will have  phase tests throughout the year to check that you are making good progress to keep you on your flight path.
  • Phase test will take place during your child’s lesson and will be out of approximately 50 marks.
  • Your child will have 5 phase tests in English and Maths and 2-4 phase tests in all other subjects. Your child will have an end of year exam in every subject, which will take place in the exam hall for English and Maths and in your child’s lessons for all other subjects.
  • In the table below you will find the 2 week window during which your child’s phase test for each subject will take place. Your child will be set revision homework before their phase test but they should also be carrying out their own revision to prepare for the tests.
  • You will be sent reports 3 times across the course of the year to update you on your child’s progress in their subjects.

Please click on the links below to see a copy of the schedules.

Year 7 Schedule

Year 8 Schedule

Year 9 Schedule

Year 10 Schedule