Remote Learning Guidance Document

Remote Learning Provision at Stratford School Academy

This page is for information for parents regarding the remote learning provision and will be updated regularly.

In the event of a self-isolation, partial or full closure, SSA is committed to providing continuity of education to its students and will do so through a process of remote (online) learning.

All of the remote learning provision, including homework, will be provided via the Microsoft Teams platform.  Please visit our Online Learning page for video guidance on how we use Microsoft Teams and how your child can access their lessons and upload assignments from different devices.

Students Self-isolating

Students who are require to self-isolate will access the school curriculum via Microsoft Teams. All lesson resources will be uploaded in line with student’s timetables. Students should upload completed work at the end of each lesson for their teacher to provide feedback.

Partial/Full Closure

In the event of a class or year group bubble being asked to self-isolate or a full-school closure:

teaching staff will deliver teacher-narrated PowerPoints or a live lesson from school for students to access remotely via Microsoft Teams. There may be the additional use of online resources aligning with the SSA curriculum e.g. Mathswatch, Tassimai, Bitesize

all remote lessons will be delivered as per the students’ normal timetable to allow them to continue in the routine provided by in-school learning

teaching staff will provide assignments for students to complete by a set deadline

Form current information and specific guidance on provision of live lessons and narrated PowerPoints, click here for Key Stage 3, or click here for Key Stage 4.

Remote Learning Expectations

SSA staff will Students must Parents/Carers must
provide narrated powerpoints or live lessons in line with the student’s timetable and the curriculum

be available during lesson times to answer student questions


provide feedback on assignments that have been submitted on Microsoft Teams to monitor the progress of students. Feedback may include; rubric marking, written feedback, marked quizzes


endeavor to call home for any students who are not engaging on Microsoft Teams



follow their timetabled lessons each day, including attending form time at 8.40am every day apart from Wednesday


complete all assignments on Microsoft Teams by the deadline set by their teachers


respond to teacher feedback


ask for help via Microsoft Teams or email if needed


adhere to the Acceptable Use Agreement.


alert the school if your child does not have internet access and/or access to an appropriate device at home for remote learning


communicate with the school if there is any issue with the remote learning provision


discuss any issues with your child and encourage them to raise any concerns with their teacher


help your child to plan their day and ensure they follow their timetabled lessons, with screen breaks, where appropriate.


check your child’s work at the end of the day to ensure it is to a good standard



To view the Acceptable Use Agreement, click here.

Engagement in Learning

The expectation is that students engage fully with their remote learning and attend all form time from 8.40am all days except Wednesdays. Where this is not the case, teachers and the Pastoral Achievement Team will contact families to offer any necessary further support and reiterate the expectation of engagement with remote learning.

Access to Remote Learning

We want to ensure all students have suitable access to the remote learning provision.  Where this is not the case, we ask parents to contact the school using the Contact Us section of the website or by emailing

We will also be checking access to remote learning during welfare calls which will be made regularly.

All requests for devices or internet dongles will be passed to the student’s Head of House.  If this request is approved, arrangements will be made for the device to be collected from the school reception.

The student and the parent/carer will sign a declaration that states the device will be used for legal and sensible purposes only and must be returned to the Academy should/when the child leaves the school. A record of the laptop serial number is kept to identify which student has been provided with which device.

SEND Provision

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils in the following ways:

Students that would usually be supported by a teaching assistant in their lessons continue to receive support in their remote lessons

These teaching assistants are making additional contact with students after remote lessons to answer their questions, check for understanding and clarify misconceptions

Differentiated lessons and resources are being provided to support specific learning needs or reflect student’s current attainment levels

Paper resources are being sent home for students, where parents have identified that they are unable to access digital lessons

Students are being encouraged to use Lexia and Symphony Maths daily to enhance their literacy and numeracy learning from home

Educational games, books and craft activities are being sent home to encourage learning through a range of mediums

Teaching assistants and SEN teachers are having regular contact with both students and their parents/carers to check on their well-being, coach in understanding how to access online learning and remove any barriers to learning

Students within the Wave 3 provision are receiving daily ‘live’ lessons

Students that receive input from external agencies are continuing to receive support from professionals and, where necessary, SEND assessments are being carried out virtually

Students with Education Health Care Plans/High Needs Funding are able to carry out their learning from school, where parents have expressed this is their preference