Careers Adviser

Careers Adviser, Sue Larmour from careers guiding service 15billion, speaks to us about the work she carries out with our year 11 pupils.

’15billion is called 15billion because everyone has at least 15billion brain cells in their cerebral cortex, the part of the brain we use when we think!

I am at Stratford School Academy every Tuesday to see Year 11 students for careers interviews. This year the school has organised a timetable of interviews to ensure that every year 11 student is seen before the end of the Spring term.

The government has decided that young people have to continue in education or training until their 18th birthday (this is called the Raising of the Participation Age or RPA). The options available to year 11 school leavers are:

Full time education in a school sixth form/ sixth form college or FE college.

Apprenticeship or Pre Apprenticeship Traineeship.

Full time work with day release for work related training.

Pupils benefit from seeing a Careers Adviser as they are inspired to brainstorm a career plan with ideas and plan their next step after leaving school. They are able to establish which sixth forms and colleges offer the courses that would be most suitable for them.

The impact is that school leavers can make informed decisions about which option is right for them and make a successful transition from Stratford School Academy into education, employment and training.

Pupils’ appointments are timetabled by the school however pupils awaiting an interview can see me at the school Progression Fair, Parents’ Evening or make use of the Sixth Form/College Open Events in the autumn and spring terms to research their next step.

My top tip is to make use of the Options after Year 11 booklet and Sixth Form/ College Open events handout produced by 15billion which provide students with information required to plan their next step. The school included both in the Student Handbook produced for the Post 16 Progression Fair.’