Careers Adviser

Sue Larmour is a careers adviser who works for 15billionebp, a charity which has as its main aim to bring together education, businesses and other partners to inspire young people to achieve their potential and thereby promote social mobility. 15billionebp is dedicated to raising aspirations among young people.

Sue comes into the school one day a week to meet with year 11 students. Students have the opportunity to talk through their plans for after year 11, and Sue will make sure they are aware of all the suitable options so that they have the knowledge and resources to make the best decisions about the future, based on their individual aspirations. Every student receives an individual progression plan that records the main ideas discussed and practical ways forward agreed with the student; for example guidance on decision making, and advice on specialist courses related to the student’s interests.

15billionebp also produces several handouts to support year 11 students. A list of local sixth form/college contact details and dates of open events is distributed to all year 11 students at the beginning of the autumn term. In addition, a compendium of useful careers websites, and (if appropriate) a specialist apprenticeship booklet are provided to students at the careers meeting and also emailed to them with their progression plan.

Feedback from year 11 students has been consistently very positive:

“Broadened the range of pathways”

“Showed me alternative options”

“Thank you for your great advice yesterday”

“It has helped me understand how to independently research and learn about what courses I want to take”

“Thanks Sue, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your advice – it has made me consider my choices for the future so I really appreciate it. Once again I can’t thank you enough”

“Thank you so much for this, it really does mean a lot”

“I just received your email and it was very helpful, it made things much clearer for me. Thank you very much”

 “Thank you for your great advice yesterday”