Former Stratford School Academy students visit 2014

Former students visit at SSA’s annual CAREERS FAIR held at Stratford School Academy on Thursday 13th November 2014

Malika Malika
‘SSA helped me and gave me a lot more opportunities and confidence. SSA prepared me well for further education studies, I am now studying my A- Levels and they are in Classical Civilisation, French, History and English Literature.’
Ishwarya Ishwarya
‘SSA helped me to build my confidence, the teachers were very helpful, I miss the teachers even now, I was taught very well. I am studying A -Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. I have applied to do medicine at Imperial UCL, Kings College and in the future have aspirations to become a cardiac surgeon.’
Hitesh Hitesh
‘SSA prepared me well for the transition between school and sixth form. I ended SSA as a different person compared to when I started in year 7. I gained communication skills and became more confident. I am now studying A-Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and would like to go to Cambridge University to study Maths and Physics.’
Nafis Nafis
‘SSA was a place I called home. This is where I realised that I enjoyed Maths and would study Maths in the future, SSA showed me the way. I am currently studying A- Levels in Maths, Economics and History and would like to do a Maths degree.’
Ingrida Ingrida
‘SSA helped me deal with situations and helped me to grow to be more independent. I really enjoyed Sciences including Biology and chemistry. I am studying A- Levels in Biology, Chemistry and English Literature. The culture at SSA allowed me to be more social, everyone is really friendly you can speak to anyone.’
Shakir Shakir
‘SSA definitely made me appreciate everything I have now and I am grateful for everything I have. Time at school built a good foundation for me and a platform to learn on. I am studying A- Levels in Maths, Economics, Geography and Psychology.’
Mostafa Mostafa
‘My time at SSA provided me with a lot of support. I was part of the Duke of Edinburgh project which enabled me to anticipate and speak in assembly which boosted my confidence. I would like to go onto University and study Medicine or Bio-engineering. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.’