Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance


At Stratford School Academy we aim to make sure that all our students have excellent advice on career opportunities. We want all students to progress onto courses or employment when they leave school. It is very important to us to know that when all students leave school, they are doing courses or working in employment that suits their skills and fulfils their goals.

We support all students in making good decisions by providing access to information and guidance about the range of careers options that are most likely to help students to achieve their goals. We believe that giving students the best careers education and guidance is key to helping them to achieve and be successful in life beyond school.

  • All students will be entitled to a Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme that:
  • provides good quality careers advice;
  • provides personal advice and guidance which is in the best interests of all students;
  • motivates students to achieve good grades and consider the all careers options available to them;
  • provide opportunities to work with employers, local colleges and others;
  • provides opportunities to have real-life contact with the world of work;
  • develops employability skills including skills for self-employment;
  • supports equality and inclusion;
  • helps students to see career development as a life-long process;
  • develop students’ skills and knowledge of careers including career management skills and knowledge of the local labour market (LMI);
  • ensures students are aware of the full range of routes available at each stage in their lives;
  • provides opportunities for contact with employees, employers, colleges and universities and experience of workplaces;
  • is contained within all subjects across the curriculum

The person responsible for leading careers at Stratford School Academy is Mr Madigan. Should you have any further questions, please email, or call him on: 0208 471 2415. Our careers policy can also be found in the policy section of the school website.

Careers Map

We run a comprehensive careers programme across all year groups. For more information, view our SSA 5-Year Careers Map.

Careers Advisor

Natalie Phillips is a careers adviser who works at Stratford School Academy for 15billionebp, a charity which has as its main aim to bring together education, businesses and other partners to inspire young people to achieve their potential and thereby promote social mobility. 15billionebp is dedicated to raising aspirations among young people.

Natalie comes into the school one day a week to meet with year 11 students. Although, due to covid restrictions, these are presently taking place virtually. Students have the opportunity to talk through their plans for after year 11, and Sue will make sure they are aware of all the suitable options so that they have the knowledge and resources to make the best decisions about the future, based on their individual aspirations. Every student receives an individual progression plan that records the main ideas discussed and practical ways forward agreed with the student; for example guidance on decision making, and advice on specialist courses related to the student’s interests.

15billionebp also produces several handouts to support year 11 students. A list of local sixth form/college contact details and dates of open events is distributed to all year 11 students at the beginning of the autumn term. In addition, a compendium of useful careers websites, and (if appropriate) a specialist apprenticeship booklet are provided to students at the careers meeting and also emailed to them with their progression plan.

Post – 16 in Newham

Please click here for the Guide to 16-18-courses for students in year 11 and below in Newham 2020-21

Post – 16 Progression Fair

The annual Post-16 Progression Fair is a fantastic event that has been hosted successfully for the past few years at Stratford School Academy. Many local higher education/ college/ apprenticeship providers offer their guidance and speak to our pupils about the exciting opportunities made available at their institutions. This is a motivational event and a rare chance for our pupils to meet numerous education and work providers all under one roof in just about three hours!

Former Stratford School Academy pupils also attend this event, now representing their educational institutions and are able to advise and inspire current pupils on their personal experiences regarding the application processes, life at their chosen destination and general top tips for achievement.

We trust that this event has offered and will continue to offer pupils the opportunity to make some informed choices about post-16 careers and education routes.

This year the event took place virtually, through a series of assemblies and after school events, where colleges and sixth forms provided students with opportunities to learn more about what they have to offer, as well as important question and answer sessions. Going forward, these events should continue to be hosted on the school site.

Some feedback from the event has been as follows:

‘Excellent conversations about our sixth form with outstanding students at Stratford School Academy.’ Caterham High School Sixth Form

‘Thank you Stratford School. It was a pleasure to meet the staff and students at your careers fair!’ Newham College

Useful links for careers guidance

Unifrog: All students in years 9, 10 and 11 have been given access to Unifrog, which is a whole-school careers and destinations platform used by lots of schools across the globe. It allows students to compare apprenticeships, School Leaver Programmes, and Further Education courses in the UK. It gives students access to labour market information on various careers, as well as guidance and support on how to get into these different fields. Students can access Unifrog, by clicking on this link  signing in with their school email and password, which they have already been given.

Other important careers links include the following:

Year 11:

Options after year 11 – a young person’s guide

Options after year 11 – a guide for parents and carers of young people

All year groups:

Below you will find websites that you can visit to help you make informed choices regarding your career options.

Here you can do a quick and easy self-assessment to get a picture of how you like to approach things and what jobs may suit you:

Here you will find lists of apprenticeships in diverse career sectors and industries and details about apprenticeships in general

Here you can enter the subject and qualification you are interested in taking and get a list of places that offer what you are looking for

Here you can register your details if considering apprenticeships, and you can search for apprenticeships on this site

This is the government’s careers website, with tools and descriptions of jobs and income levels. On this website you can do a skills assessment and explore different careers

This is a graduate careers website, with detailed job descriptions, as well as pathways for different careers

Here there is a lot of useful information about jobs, careers, the job market, funding

This online brochure includes a range of information, advice and guidance, to help young people make informed choices about their futures.