Exams and Revision

Assessment Approach for Awarding Grades

In order to support the examination boards in the process of awarding grades, we have developed a range of assessments for students who would normally be sitting GCSE exams this summer. Our subject documents contain the key guidelines on how the Year 11 students (and Year 10 MFL students) will be assessed in each subject which reflect the different requirements of the GCSE specification within each subject area.  

View our comprehensive Assessment Approach for Awarding Grades.

How to revise

Students should be thinking about how they can maximise their grades to be able to take the courses they want to in the sixth form or college. Follow these How to revise tips to ensure your success.

  • Use your subject textbooks plus any additional printed revision guides and resources given to you by your subject teacher.
  • Use revision resources sent to you via Microsoft Teams.
  • Complete all work sent to you via Microsoft Teams.
  • Use your MathsWatch account for maths revision.
  • Use your Tassomai account for science revision.
  • Complete past exam papers. All the Examination Boards publish both syllabuses and past examinations papers.
  • Create a revision timetable (but don’t spend too long making one). Download our blank revision timetable and see an example of a completed revision timetable.
  • Use active revision techniques. Experiments have shown that in order to commit something to long term memory it needs to be repeated 5 times. Using multiple parts of the brain helps make connections in the brain which helps memory.
  • Read the Guardian’s Five secrets to revising that can improve your grades.
  • Watch the following videos some extra advice on how to prepare for your exams.


Email, Remote Access and Microsoft Teams

SSA teaching departments regularly share feedback and revision resources with students via email and Microsoft Teams.

Login to in your school email

Remote access to the school network

Open Microsoft Teams

If you have trouble accessing any of these resources, visit Online Learning or contact the School Office.

Dealing with Exam Stress

Everyone gets stressed about exams and there are lots of places you can go to for help and advice. It is natural that you will be a little nervous, but if your anxiety is making your life difficult you MUST speak to someone – a friend, a member of your family, someone at school. Every member of staff at SSA is there for you and will be happy to listen to your concerns and worries. Don’t keep them a secret!

You can also find support and advice online via the following platforms:

AQA: Managing Exam Stress

Childline: Assessment Stress and Pressure

NHS: Exam Stress

BBC: Exam Stress

Mind: Student Mental Health Hub


Examination Boards

Update: Students will not be taking exams this year. Students will be completing a range of different assessments which will begin when they return after the Easter break on the 19th April 2021. Read our Assessments Approach for Awarding Grades for more information.

Revision guidance and exam board information for each subject can be viewed via our dedicated information handbooks:

Year 10 GCSE Information Handbook

Year 11 GCSE Information Handbook

All external or public exams that students sit at school are regulated by JCQ and students are expected to follow strict behaviour guidelines. Students must:

If you have any exam queries please do not hesitate to contact our Examinations Officer via s.kabhari@stratfordschoolacademy.org. Alternatively, please contact the relevant Head of Department.