Expectations and The Way We Do Things Here


At Stratford School Academy we hold high expectations of every member of our school community, as a community working to high expectations, we will have a community continually striving for excellence.

Below are the expectations of every student at Stratford School Academy:

Arriving at school

  • Students must arrive to school before 08:40 every day other than Wednesday (09.55)
  • Students make their way to school in full school uniform (as detailed below).
  • When students arrive to school they must walk directly to their registration room. Until registration starts, they must complete independent work or read their reading book.
  • When entering the building students must remove their coats and put on their mask.


  • Full school uniform should be worn by all students at all times.
  • Students must wear black leather school shoes.
  • Coats must be plain black.
  • By now, we expect all students to have a plain reusable mask.
    (Additional expectation during the COVID-19 pandemic)


  • Students must have a school bag capable of holding an A4 Folder.
  • Students must have the following equipment with them every day:
  • A reading book
  • Class work books and any text books
  • Pencil case with pencils, black pens and a green pen
  • Whiteboard and whiteboard pen (provided by Stratford School Academy)
  • Homework diary
  • Students must bring their Stratford School Academy PE kit on the days they have PE, even if they have a doctor’s note excluding them from PE.
  • Students must not bring headphones into school.

During a lesson

During a lesson all students must:

  • arrive to lessons on time with their equipment
  • complete the work set and achieve the success criteria
  • do what staff ask them to do the first time they are asked
  • make contributions to the lesson and respect the contributions of others
  • not disrupt the learning of any other student
  • Before the teacher arrives to the lesson all students must read their reading book.
  • Students that do not complete the above will be encouraged to do the right thing. If a student continues to fail to meet the expectations, the teacher will give two class warnings before removing a student to allow the learning to continue for others.

During social times

  • Equipment for social times is provided by the school. Students can play a range of sports, complete independent study or read.
  • Each year group has a separate indoor space for eating.
  • When inside the school building students must remove their coats and wear their mask.
  • The whistle is blown five minutes before the end of the break. At this points all students must stop what they are doing and move directly to their classroom.

End of the school day

  • In Years 10 and 11 some students have additional lessons on their timetable running from 15:00- 16:00. Please check your child’s timetable for details.
  • Students must make their way home from school in full school uniform (as detailed).
  • Students who have been removed from a lesson or those arriving late to school must attend Back on Track. Back on Track runs from 15:00-16:00 (M/T/T/F) or 16:00-16:30 (W), and will last for at least 20 minutes before students are dismissed.
  • Students must not congregate at the end of the school day and should go straight home.


The way we do things here

Social Times

Our students are welcome to stay in our buildings’ social areas (the purple zones) at break and lunchtimes.  We provide students with footballs and basket balls to play with at break and lunch times so your child should not bring their own football or basketball to school.

We allow our students to use mobile phones during social time but expect them to use them sensibly, which they do by only being used in the social areas and must be put away before moving to lessons.  Students are not allowed to bring headphones into school.

Our canteen provides food before school and at breaks and lunchtimes.  We serve a good variety of food and there is always a vegetarian option.  As well as the option of a hot meal, we also sell sandwiches and baguettes.  We have a cashless catering system and we will give your child a lunch PIN.  You can top the PIN up through the ParentPay website and there are also cash top up machines in the canteen which your child can use.

The home-school agreement

Every student attending Stratford School Academy must sign the home-school agreement along with their parent or carer.  The home-school agreement details what is expected of the student, the parent or carer and the school throughout the time the student is educated at Stratford School Academy.

Getting students back on track

When things don’t go as expected, we run two systems to help get every student back to the expected standard,

Prep – We want:

  • Students will be up to date with their work and will have the knowledge necessary to make the most of the lesson they are about to take.
  • Teachers will feel that the school has a system that backs them up in their efforts to make sure that students do the work they need to do.
  • If a student does not work hard enough to achieve the success criteria or does not do their homework their class teacher can ask them to attend Prep at the end of the day. The student will then complete the missing work so that they are up to date at the start of their next lesson.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only running Prep for years 10 and 11.*

Back on Track – We want:

  • Students to be able to focus on classwork without any distractions from others and be held to the same expectations by all members of staff.
  • Teachers to be able to teach their lessons without interruption.

Our behaviour system is used to ensure all students meet our In Class Expectations (ICEs) and do not distract others from their work or interrupt the teaching.

The Back on Track session takes place at the end of the school day and involves the child reflecting on their behaviour with the teacher and completing incomplete work or reading.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, each year group now has a separate Back on Track room*

Behaviour Incident 1: Teacher will give a whole class warning.

Behaviour Incident 2: The teacher will ask the student to move seats.

Behaviour Incident 3: A senior teacher will arrive to the lesson and move the student who has disrupted the learning to another classroom with their work.  The child must then attend Back on Track at the end of the school day in the school canteen.

FAQs: Prep and Back on Track

How will my child know if s/he needs to go to Prep?
Their class teacher will tell them if they need to attend PREP in the lesson.

How will my child know if s/he needs to go to Back on Track?
Any child removed from a lesson will need to attend Back on Track.

How will I know if my child has to go to Prep/Back on Track?
We will send you a text message.

How long is Prep/Back on Track?
Both start at 3pm (4pm Wednesday) and last until the student has finished the missing work.

What happens if my child misses Prep/Back on Track?
You will be informed they have not attended.  This will be logged as a Serious Incident which may then result in a sanction.  Your child will then need to see their teacher regarding the incomplete work and you may be called into school for a parental meeting with an Academy Leader.