House Information

The pastoral system at Stratford School Academy is based on our House System. Each House is comprised of pupils from each year group which enables the older students to act as supportive mentors to the younger ones who have yet to tackle the challenges that their peers have successfully overcome. Tutors, with help from the older pupils induct new pupils (Year 7), advise on options (Year 9) and guide pupils when moving on to further education (Year 11).

Houses are run by a House team, which is led by a Head of House. The House teams are responsible for ensuring good attendance, punctuality, uniform and organising the extra help and guidance that some students inevitably need. They also organise the thoughts for the day (we call them the Daily Reflections) that we run during tutor time. Click here to find out more about the Daily Reflections.

Year 11 prefects are efficient in ensuring the smooth running of the school, to find out more about their roles click here. Year 11 prefects are linked to each House and work with their Head of House to lead on specific House projects. They have a range of responsibilities from organising charity events to running assemblies. The scheme gives our students an excellent opportunity to further develop skills they can draw on in the future and also gives them a strong voice within the school.

Stratford School Academy has named the houses after famous mathematicians and scientists in order to motivate our pupils.

The Heads of House work hard to engender a distinctive House Ethos, which they will outline for you.