Curie House

Hello! Welcome to Curie House, my name is Ms Khan and I am honoured to be leading and looking after the students in our house community. I believe that within our house we all have the talent, drive and determination to be effective in every field and I am looking forward to seeing that translate into success throughout the academic year. Click here to find out about the Curie House prefects. 

Marie Curie

Marie Skłodowska Curie was a French-Polish scientist born in 1867. In her lifetime, she did major research into radioactivity, culminating in the discovery of two radioactive elements: Polonium (named after her native country) and Radium. Her achievements led to her being awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. She was the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, is one of only two people to have won Nobel Prizes in different fields and remains the only woman to have won two Nobel Prizes.

Living and working in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Marie Curie overcame huge barriers in order to achieve great things in both Chemistry and Physics, the most challenging of which was her gender. To be such an active and successful scientist as a woman in that era was an incredible achievement and to be recognised by the Nobel Foundation is a testament to her determination, ambition, passion and intellect.

These are the qualities that Curie house strives to develop in its students. As a house team, we place enormous value on understanding that facing and overcoming challenges are what makes us successful. We look to make sure that all of our students understand that failure is a positive occurrence, as it is only through failure that we discover our mistakes and can therefore learn from them.

Through an understanding of this, our students’ ambition and determination will increase, thus allowing them to truly discover and explore their passions. Developing these passions will then encourage our students to hone their intellect as they feel truly involved in and committed to the subjects and themes that they study.

Alongside these integral characteristics, as a house we also look to move education outside of the classroom. Our house team is committed to putting school in a real-life context by encouraging participation in sport, house events and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that every single student should leave Curie house as a global citizen, who is ready to make an impact in every aspect of their life story.