Euler House

Hello and welcome to Euler house! Euler house is led by Mr Lowe. Euler house strongly believes that in order to succeed, your education should NOT stop the second you walk out of the school gate. As the quote explains, “being second place is just being the first to lose.” We believe that our pupils should push themselves to take part in as many extra-curricular activities as they can. Euler house is a very competitive house and we encourage our pupils to participate in sports competition, house events and any other extra-curricular activities.

We believe that every single Euler pupil will leave Stratford School Academy as a global citizen who is ready to embark on a journey  which extends further than the proximity of a school building. Click here to find out about the Euler House prefects.

Leonhard Euler

Born on April 15th 1707, in Basel, Switzerland, Leonhard Euler was one of math’s most pioneering thinkers, establishing a career as an academy scholar and contributing greatly to the fields of geometry, trigonometry and calculus, among many others. He released hundreds of articles and publications during his lifetime, and continued to publish after losing his sight. He died on September 18th, 1783.

Euler’s eyesight worsened throughout his mathematical career. In 1738, three years after suffering from fever, he almost became blind in his right eye. However his eye condition appeared to have little effect on his productivity, he continued to implement mental calculation skills and had exceptional memory. Euler began to produce, on average, one mathematical paper paper every week in the year 1775.

One of the biggest qualities which Euler house  strives to develop in its pupils is perseverance. As you can see from Leonhard Euler, even after being rendered as almost totally blind in his right eye, he decided to continue and used his condition as an advantage. He ended up making that year (1775) one of his most productive years producing one mathematical paper every week on average. Euler house believe that no matter what life throws at you, try and make the best out of the situation- just like our role model.