Pupil Leadership Team

At Stratford School Academy we believe our pupils are well placed to make significant contributions to the running and the development of the school.
The Prefect and Pupil Leadership Teams are evidence of this commitment. Currently our four Senior Prefects are the cornerstone of the forty-four strong prefect team. They are supported by the School Captains, who work to enact initiatives in the two school sites. Each of the Academy’s six Houses also have a House Captain, Vice House Captain and additional prefect roles. The latter roles are offered with specific areas of responsibility including Press, Media, Creative Arts, Sports and Peer Mediation. Our Year 11 pupils thrive in these positions and their contributions to the Academy are vastly appreciated by staff and pupils alike. There is much excitement about the future involvement of pupils in the leadership of Stratford School Academy. The Prefect scheme gives our students an excellent opportunity to further develop skills they can draw on in the future and also gives them a strong voice within the school.
The Prefect Team only includes KS4 students, whereas the Action Groups are open to all students throughout the year.

The Prefect Team are led by the Senior Prefects who represent the school at whole school events. The rest of the Prefects are managed by their Head of House with the House Captains and Vice Captains taking a lead role. Duties of the Prefect Team include:

-Organising assemblies for the House

-Creating inspiring Daily Reflections(click here for Daily Reflections).

-Organising the registers for the assemblies

-Delivering the Daily Reflections to each House

-Aid with the Daily Reflections competition

-Organising House/ Charity events

This year, House Prefects led an excellent Summer Fair and introduced a very successful peer mentoring program. The Prefect team and students have been involved in leading events to raise funds for charities such as Movember and Alzheimer’s Research UK; they have also proposed a possible idea for a leavers party. Students have successfully led and presented House assemblies. The team have also represented the school at the Forest School Leadership Conference where they took part in a number of leadership activities with students from numerous other schools.

Introducing our Senior Prefects:
Mahfuza Yasmin

I am a Senior Prefect at Stratford School Academy. My interests include studying History and exploring the world of English Literature, I aspire to be an economics historian. The reason as to why I wanted to become a Senior Prefect was to be able to have the privilege of being a voice for my fellow peers, as I believe the future of the school lies within the students. As a Senior Prefect my goals for this year are to successfully help run and organise a peer-tutoring programme, as well as support my fellow Prefects with their plans and the school with other events. I undoubtedly believe that our school has provided me with the opportunity to reach success and I shall relish my position within the school.

Himani Kumar

I am Senior Prefect for our school. My interests include maths, physics and debating. I also like reading non-fiction to further expand my knowledge. My aspiration is to become a physicist. The main reason I became a senior prefect was because I wanted to make a change within our school as I feel it’s our responsibility to give something back to a school that has offered us so much. During the time I am a Senior Prefect, I wish to offer students more opportunities such as a range of extra-curricular clubs which will better prepare them for the future as doing something extra is what makes you unique.

Jordan Greatorex

I am a Senior Prefect at our school. my interests include playing, studying and watching sports and getting involved with extra-curricular activities. One of the main reasons why I decided that I wanted to become a Senior Prefect is due to my confidence and leadership skills I have obtained throughout my life by getting involved with team sports such as rugby and football. I enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits of sport such as gaining friends and relieving stress. My communication and negotiation skills make me stand out, which is why I am seen as a role model to many. I aspire to be the very best and I will do whatever I can to make things happen for the best of interests for myself and others. I am dedicated and passionate and I hope to showcase these attributes whilst leading at Stratford School Academy!

Eric Skubisz

The reason why I became a Senior Prefect is because I want to challenge myself and my skills. I want to make this school a better place for students by listening to their needs and helping them in different problems that they face. As a Prefect, I want to create as many opportunities as possible for students of Stratford School Academy for them to develop their skills and become more influential and independent in the later stages of their lives

Introducing our School Captains:
Inyanne Tamijarassan
Magdalena Georgieva