Student Council

Welcome to the Student Council page.

The Student Council is made up of two representatives from each year group. As part of the process of getting elected, pupils were asked to fill out an application form to be considered. The application form asked pupils about proposed ideas that they would like to make, why they felt that they would be a suitable candidate for the advertised role and what skills they felt they could potentially bring to the team.

March 2017:  As a team the pupils have decided that they want to organise a charity event and are now in the process of creating a proposal.

We would like to congratulate the newly elected members of the Student Council team.


Our Student Council for 2016 – 2017:


Grosvenor Road:
Rajdeep Singh (Berners – Lee)
Nabiel Arif (Curie)
Imageon Charles (Curie)
Abdullah Amla (Berners-Lee)
Upton Lane 
Dharam Singh (Hawking)
Sanchi Mogla (Crick)
Teyanah Peters (Noether)
Anjali Kaur (Hawking)