Prep is a new system that we are introducing from the 1st October 2018.
In every lesson we expect pupils to follow the school’s In Class Expectations (ICEs). ICE 1 is In each lesson do the work set and achieve the success criteria.
If a pupil does not work hard enough to achieve the success criteria or does not do their homework their class teacher can ask them to attend PREP at the end of the day. The pupil will then complete the missing work so that they are up to date at the start of their next lesson.

How will my child know if s/he needs to go to Prep?
Their class teacher will tell them if they need to attend PREP in the lesson. .

How will I know if my child has to go to Prep?
We will send you a text message.

How long is Prep?
Prep starts at 3pm (4pm Wednesday) and lasts until the pupil has finished the missing work.

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