SSA Host Annual Newham Governors Conference

The Annual Newham Governors Conference is an event arranged by NPW Governor Services. The event was hosted at Stratford School Academy on Saturday 19th November 2016. The conference is held annually in a local secondary school and this was the first time that it was held in an academy.

The theme for the day was: “Are all groups in your school doing equally well?” The keynote address was delivered by Mark Philips, Senior HMI, Ofsted, followed by a speech from Andrew Seager, Headteacher.

Governors had a choice of four workshops to attend:

  • It all starts here (for Governors in EYFS and KS1)
  • Achievement for all – lets learn from a school (Primary)
  • Vulnerable cohorts (Secondary)
  • Using data to identify underperforming groups of pupils (all schools)

The turnout was excellent, with 100 Governors in attendance. The overwhelming majority found the event very thought-provoking and positive; guests were impressed with the warm welcome they received from the school. Year 11 prefects worked exceptionally hard to ensure the smooth running of the event, welcoming visitors to the school and acting as pupil ambassadors for Stratford School Academy.