Student SACRE at Stratford School Academy

Stratford School Academy pupils have had great involvement in Student RE Matters/ Student SACRE. Student SACRE consists of a group of young people who are interested in moral and religious issues from different backgrounds and cultures who get together each half term representing several Newham secondary schools.

The group is run by Mrs Clinton, Newham’s Religious Education Advisor, with help from secondary schools and heads of RE.

Meetings take place once every half term at different secondary schools, a conference is also held annually. Lunch is also shared so that pupils can get to know one another.

The group consists of students from the Year 9 cohort who are involved in the group for two years.

Pupils in the Student SACRE group have been working on projects studying world beliefs about the purpose of life and creating art pieces around this topic. The group have already visited a Gurdwara, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple. This year the group hopes to go on to visit a Hindu temple, a Church and the British Museum. All of this aids in improving our knowledge and experience of different world and religion beliefs.

Student SACRE provides opportunities for pupils at Stratford School Academy to meet a wide range of people from different faiths. The Student SACRE group allows pupils from different faiths and secular world views to come together to discuss and seek to understand moral and ethical subjects.

Along with RE, Student SACRE aims to promote the spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development of pupils.

Photos taken below are from a Buddhist temple that our pupils visited. The Buddhist temple is the second to open in London. Pupils had the opportunity to meet with the Buddhist Chaplin who served in the British army.

If pupils are interested in becoming a student representative on Newham’s Student SACRE they should speak to their teacher or Head of Humanities, Ms Sawer.


January 2016

Student SACRE pupils have visited Manor Primary School and are concentrating their efforts on an art project titled: Religious Legacy.

Pupils have also visited the ‘Faith after Pharaohs’ exhibition held at London’s iconic British Museum. Pupils were encouraged to think about  people’s views of life after death and the purpose of human life. They also worked with other pupils from schools in the borough to identify and discuss objects in the British Museum that have been important to people of faith. This work has helped to inspire them in their art project (Religious Legacy) creating their canvases.

January 2017 

SSA pupils involved in filming day

On 19th January 2017, 23 pupils from 5 different Newham secondary schools, along with 16 different faith leaders drawn from 7 different religions and world views came together to make seven films. Newham adult SACRE along with its Student SACRE won a national award from Westhill Trust to make seven films for teachers about different religions and world views as a professional resource to help improve subject knowledge in teaching Religious Education. Pupils were panellists and interviewers as well as helping film the programmes themselves. Each religion and world view panellists were asked to prepare answers to the following questions:

What is the most important teaching in your religion?

What does your religion teach you about respecting people?

What is your favourite piece of scripture and why?

What can often be misunderstood about your religion?

Are all Christian people the same? Are there any different beliefs or practices between different denominations or groups within the Christian religion? What do all Christians agree on?

“We hope once edited into programmes these films will support teachers to know more about these religions and world views that are all around us here in Newham, and be more confident when teaching them in Newham classrooms.” Said Claire Clinton, Newham’s Religious Education Advisor who put the filming day together.