Pupil Testimonials

Pupils share their experience.

‘My maths lessons are really interesting because we have been discussing as a class how to do the vertical method for multiplication and division. I have learnt how to perfect this method and do each step of the method. I have learnt specifically how to divide decimals by decimals, how to multiply decimals by decimals and how to place decimals in the correct column. It is really interesting learning how to do it step by step.’ Ridhwaan, year 8.

‘The maths lessons have an element of fun in them, it was fun being involved in the Shanghai methods of learning.’ Esrom, year 7. 

‘The Shanghai teachers taught us well and the system that they use to teach is very similar to the way our teachers teach. Gabriel, year 7.

‘Ms Flora’s lessons were enjoyable, we learnt so much and her teaching is great, I loved being a part of these lessons.Sarah, year 7.  

‘I have really enjoyed the lessons with the teachers and I have learnt different methods of working out maths questions.Faimah, year 7.

‘We have been learning new ways of working out the same question.’ Benjamin, year 7.

‘I think the lessons are amazing and I really have learnt a lot about the different multiplication and division methods.Hasan, year 7. 

‘I have always enjoyed maths and I enjoy the lessons because we have had good teachers. The teachers are helpful because if you don’t understand something they will explain to you what you didn’t understand.Daria, year 7.