Winter Music Concert 2016

Winter Music Concert – Tuesday 13th December 2016

The Performing Arts Department at Stratford School Academy hosted the annual Winter Music Concert which was well attended by staff, parents and pupils, filling the school hall with an enthusiastic audience.

Many musical performances took place from talented pupils at our school, in a show that was packed full of diverse and exciting acts. The concert was a huge success, showcasing both instrumental and vocal talents of our pupils, featuring a wide variety of musical genres.

The evening began with a debut performance by the newly formed Stratford School Academy choir singing, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow‘ followed by violin/solo piano and traditional drum performances from musicians.

Comments from guests and staff members:

‘A truly fantastic evening that will have inspired all in attendance.’

‘The Winter Concert was a hugely positive experience that gave pupils a chance to shine, show off hidden talents and connect with school in a way different to the norm. A great evening that showed the importance of extra-curricular activities.’

‘It was inspiring to see such a diverse group of young people taking part in the winter concert, pupils who truly enjoy music and pupils who relish the opportunity to partake in all the music department has to offer.’