Year 10 History Educational Visit to London’s Hunterian Museum

Wednesday 4th January and Thursday 5th January 2017

Pupils in Year 10 visited the Hunterian Museum in central London as part of their GCSE study into the history of Medicine and Health through time.

Pupils gained an insight into the world of John Hunter, an 18th century doctor, and observed his vast collection of samples. These samples were in the form of human and animal body parts, pickled in jars. The most interesting were foetuses which showed the development of babies at different stages in pregnancy and pupils were also fascinated by videos showing heart bypass surgery. Exhibition space was also dedicated to the work of Joseph Lister, Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur. Upon returning to school pupils had a practice exam regarding their visit to prepare them for their GCSE exam later this year.

In July the History team will be visiting Hardwick Hall, near Mansfield in the Midlands. It will be a full day trip where they will examine the building and its exhibitions in preparation for a 16 mark question that will appear in the GCSE exam at the end of Year 11.