Year 6 Pupil Enrolment Evening – 18th May 2021

To ensure that Year 6’s experience a smooth and successful transition into the Stratford School Academy community, we have invited our new families to a virtual Year 6 Pupil Enrolment Evening on Tuesday 18th May 2021.

In normal circumstances, we would usually invite you into school to meet with a member of staff and begin the induction process; however, under the current government guidance, this is not possible. Therefore, we will be using our SchoolCloud software to conduct Admissions Interviews.

In the interviews we will discuss your child’s enrolment, including:

  • Admissions Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Home School Agreement
  • Families Handbook
  • Transition Tasks Booklet
  • Year 6 Transition Day

To ensure that all our families can meet with a member of staff and discuss their child’s enrolment, all families have been allocated 30-minute interviews. Due to the high number of students, we will not be able to change your scheduled meeting time. 

How to attend you admissions interview

  1. To ensure you attend your interview on time, we suggest that all families login to School Cloud at least 5 minutes before their allocated time slot.
  2. Before you attend your interview, you must also have your Admission Form, your Home School Agreement and your Letter: Invite to Year 6 Pupil Enrolment Evening to hand.
  3. To attend your admissions interview, please visit:
  4. Please refer to your letter Invite to Year 6 Pupil Enrolment Evening – Stratford School Academy – Tuesday 18th May 2021 to view all the details you will need to enter in order to login.

What should I do before my admissions interview?

Watch our video on the SSA Families’ Handbook! Our video may prompt you to ask our teachers some questions that you haven’t yet thought of… or perhaps even answer a question that you’ve meaning to ask.

In the video Mr Kean discusses key areas of focus from Stratford School Academy’s Families’ Handbook. The Families’ Handbook acts as a helpful guide for new starters and features information on our school communications, our school day timetable, our teaching and learning processes and behavioural expectations.

When will I get a copy of the Families’ Handbook?

All families will be able to hand in their completed admission forms to the school office from Wednesday 19th May 2021, which is the day after your admissions interview. It is at this time that we will also provide you with a copy of the Families’ Handbook.