The curriculum at SSA

 The curriculum at SSA first and foremost serve the needs of our students. It will find an appropriate balance between prioritising the specific requirements of our students and families within the local context and ensuring that our students are well prepared for the wider challenges of life and society beyond school. At SSA we have an inclusive curriculum which ensures that every student in the school has an appropriate route through their education at SSA irrespective of their levels of attainment and individual and needs.

In Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) the curriculum will is broad and balanced, remaining true to our principles of giving students a variety of experiences that are theoretical, technical, practical, experiential and aesthetic and featuring all major subjects as deemed relevant by the government of the day. This will also consider the need for subjects to build on what they have achieved at the end of Key Stage 2, but also very focussed on stretching all students, whatever their starting points.  The curriculum will be aspirational. Built in will be the opportunity and expectation that all students can attain the best possible outcomes at the end of year 11, with the curriculum providing the platform for them to do so. It will be flexible enough to cope with students who arrive at different starting points and with varying circumstances (providing alternative pathways as necessary).

Curriculum content will not be static but an area of debate and development in subject areas. Guiding principles will be students learning ‘the best that has been thought and said’ (Arnold) and gaining a thorough grounding in the key knowledge from each given subject area by the end of either Key Stage 3 or 4.

At Key Stage 4 students will have a variety of subjects to choose from, however, the core and compulsory curriculum will ensure that all students have the key knowledge and skills learnt in high-status subjects necessary for future progression in education and beyond. The curriculum will stretch students and prepare them for their chosen pathway of study at Post 16. It will also safeguard the school in terms of ensuring that accountability measures of the day are considered carefully.

At SSA we are always thinking about and trying to improve the curriculum that we offer students at SSA and so we will be planning to fully develop our curriculum in the next 5 years.

SSA in 2025 will have a curriculum that:

Is broad and balanced

  • Leads to excellent outcomes
  • Is relevant to the needs of our students and appropriate to the context in which they are being prepared to succeed
  • Develops character
  • Develops the whole child – not just academic outcomes
  • Encourages a love of learning
  • Develops a growth mind-set
  • Teaches knowledge explicitly
  • Has clear progression pathways from Key Stage 3 right through to Post 16 for students of all levels of attainment

2020-2021 Key Stage Three Curriculum Allocation per fortnight

Subject Number of Periods
Art 2
Cooking 2
Computer Science 2
Citizenship 1
Drama 2
English 8
French 3
Geography 3
History 3
Maths 8
Music 2
Physical Education 2
Religious Education 3
Science 7
Technology 2

 2020-2021 Key Stage Three Curriculum Content

We are currently reviewing our Key Stage Three Curriculum.  An outline for each subject will be available on this page shortly.

2020-2021 Key Stage Four Curriculum Allocation per fortnight

Subject Number of Periods Education Beyond the School Day
English Language and Literature 10
French (optional) 4
Maths 10
Physical Education (non-examined) 2
Religious Education 5
Combined Science 12
Option A 6
Option B 5

2020-2021 Key Stage Four Curriculum Content

We are currently reviewing our Key Stage Four Curriculum.  An outline for each subject will be available on this page shortly.

2021-2022 Key Stage Four Options

To download our Key Stage Four Prospectus please click here.

We have arranged our options process to ensure all pupils are enabled to have access to work towards achieving the EBACC and study a broad-range of subjects through Key Stage Four leaving a wide range of options open to our pupils when they leave us at the end of the year.

Every Year 9 pupil receives guidance around their options choices through a meeting with an Academy Leader and a parent/guardian. The role of the Academy Leader is to guide pupils and support them in making the choices right for them.

Alongside this, our in-school Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance package support pupils with looking to their futures and tracking back to the GCSE options process.

Education Beyond the School Day (EBSD)

At Stratford School Academy, we recognise that our pupils have individual needs and interests.  We try to provide many opportunities for our pupils as we can so that they can explore new interests, gain a breadth of knowledge and skills that widen their understanding of the world and prepare them for their future.

It is impossible to describe here the complete list of activities which are available to pupils, but we have provided below a selection to give you a flavour of our enhanced curriculum offer.

Support For Learning Extra-curricular Activities
Literacy and Reading Interventions A wide range of sporting activities and teams
Academic tutoring for students in Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award
Purchasing of Subject specific Apps for Science and Maths for students in KS4 Art club
EAL support for students Cooking club
Interventions for students in Year 11 Drama and Music Groups
Holiday Revision and catch up sessions during the Holidays Spelling bee competitions
Poetry competitions
Solutions for the Planet in Science
Drop Down Days (where students have opportunities to engage in different learning experiences ranging from Jack Petchy Speak Out to Financial Literacy to Pantomime Visits)
Strong Links with a local Dance Group